Kryptos Secure Communications

Kryptos secure Communications is a suite of proven open-source apps secured by doule-layer encryption. These apps will be part of pre-screened approved apps on the device. In addition, we have a batch of scripted solutions to secure your communication on the cloud with a self-hosted server. Our goal is to provide simple end-to-end solution for high risk industries.

Kryptos Secure Communications is an enterprise communication platform which allows businesses and governments to keep all their data (email, text, and calls) private and encrypted both when at rest and when in transit.

Our platform can be deployed as one of the three options:

  • platform-in-a-box for Small-Midsize-Enterprises,
  • private cloud based solution for Large Enterprises,
  • dedicated infrastructure for government/defense)
kryptos architecture showing three layers crypto protection

The open-source protocols ensure “perfect forward secrecy” (PFS) which is rare amongst many of the other prevailing solutions. They don’t typically offer PFS and neither do they encompass all forms of smartphone communications – email, instant messaging, and calls. We implement field-tested and proven open source client applications that run on multiple smartphone platforms and most of them have already been rigorously red-teamed by independent security researchers.

Kryptos Secure Communication high level architecture is outlined below:

  • Custom chat client that supports
    • TLS for network layer encryption
    • True device to device encryption for plausible deniability
    • Ephemeral keys (single session – single key)
    • Challenge response protocol for eliminating man in the middle attacks
  • Custom VoIP client that supports
    • Network layer encryption with TLS
    • True device to device call encryption for plausible deniability
    • Secure key exchange without server mediation (ZRTP)
    • New key for every call (single use key)
    • Challenge response protocol to eliminate man in the middle attacks
  • Custom email client
    • Very stable and secure email client app that supports any IMAP/SMTP compliant email service
    • PGP/SMIME encryption support for end to end encryption with support for ECC keys and ECDSA
KSC Layers Technical Detail Diagram