Kryptos Security Framework

Kryptos Security Framework is our proprietary “triple-hardened” mobile OS which exceeds the strict security requirements for high-risk industries like government, health, financial, and utility sectors. Our platform’s core is a “secure android build” that includes extensive low level customizations to the stock android OS.

Kryptos Security Framework Five Step Chain Diagram

Kryptos Security Framework high level architecture involves the following five security hardening steps:

  • Device Encryption
  • Trust and Authentication
  • Device Security Policies
  • Kill-chain Disruption
  • Burn Protocol

Diagram showing How KSF Disrupts Malaware Killchain
Kryptos Security Framework can thwart a malware attack. We simulated a typical malware attack scenario to show how our solution works in real time:

  • Download Android app apk file
  • Install apk file
  • apk file dials home to cnc server
  • cnc sends command to infected device
  • Infected device acts on the command
  • Malicious apk starts sending data