Kryptos Platform

Kryptos Platform

Product: Kryptos Platform

Our platform’s core is a “secure android build” that includes extensive low level customizations to the stock android OS. We provide a ‘secure by design’ solution including a suite of apps designed to enable our customers to communicate securely, protect sensitive data, and monitor potentially malicious activity.

Kryptos Platform consists of four components:

  • Kryptos Security Framework
  • Kryptos Secure Communications
  • Kryptos Device Management
  • Kryptos Threat Intelligence

We offer Kryptos platform in two flavors:

  • Venus – Software based security solution
  • Saturn – Hardware Enhanced security solution

Kryptos-Venus: High Level Architecture

  • Hardened AndroidOS with support for custom security policies
  • Kryptos Secure Communication Suite Apps for vpn, contacts, text, voice, email.
  • Kryptos Secure server suite for internal or external hosting of communication apps

Kryptos-Saturn: High Level Architecture

  • Venus Features plus additional hardware smart-card security
  • microSD Card with crypto processor for key generation & storage, challenge & response, encryption & decryption, and secure storage
  • Software libraries using standard PKI/ISO-7816

Key Differentiators of our solution:

  • Configurable Best-in-class Software Security
    • End-to-end 3x hardened Android, double encrypted apps and secure backend integration
  • Advanced Hardware Security
    • Most advanced hardware crypto processor for key generation/storage, challenge/response, encryption/decryption and secure data storage.
    • Designed and certified in Europe
  • Integration
    • Works with ALL Android L or later devices.
    • Supports industry standard PKCS#11, CSP, ISO-7816 APDU and is FIPS 140-2 certified
  • Cost
    • 3X secure at half the price of iOS solution
    • Reduced cost of long term ownership